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Thank You, Malta!

Last week, on the 9-10th of May, CRiTERIA organized the conference “Uncovering Vulnerability in Migration and Human Trafficking” which was help in Fort Saint Elmo in Valetta, Malta. The event provided a platform for in-depth exchange and discussions of novel and effective ways to recognize and respond to vulnerabilities of migrants and victims of human trafficking in order to further enhance current policies and humanitarian actions while leveraging technology to uphold human rights.

It has been two days full of engaging presentations, open and lively discussions, and an interactive workshop. Stakeholders from 30 unique organizations including research, policy-makers and international organisations, civil society and NGOs working in the field of migration and human trafficking extensively discussed good practices and new tools that positively contribute to enhancing knowledge in this field as well as studies on existing gaps and persistent challenges. The conference was a unique opportunity for all participants to exchange views and practical ideas on practices and projects aiming at the detection and management of vulnerabilities. Thanks to each and everyone who participated – we are full of new insights and ideas and we hope you too!

Special thanks go to the team of the University of Malta – the event would not have been possible without you!