The CRiTERIA project is organized into 10 work packages, which are structured into 4 tracks: a Foundational Track, a Methodology Track, a Technology Track and an Impact Track.

The Foundational Track includes foundational activities for framing the overall project work. This framing includes: a) overall organization and coordination of the project work (WP1), b) deepening the understanding of the requirements of the target community (framing with respect to requirements, WP2), c) creating a legal, ethical and societal framework for the project activities (WP4) and d) consideration of further Ethics Requirements (WP10).

The Methodology Track, which is closely interlinked with the Technology Track, contains the central work package working on extended risk analysis methodology.

The Technology Track organizes the technology-related activities of the project, including work packages focusing on the development of technologies for supporting the identification and analysis of migration related risks (WP5 and WP6) and work packages for the integration of the aforementioned technologies into the CRiTERIA system (WP7).

The WPs in the highly relevant Impact Track tackle project impact from two perspectives: the validation of the developed methods and tools via pilots (WP8) and the effective dissemination and exploitation of project results (W9). The Figure below shows the 10 work packages of the CRiTERIA project, their main interactions, and their organization into the four tracks.

Work Packages – Overview

  • WP1. Project Management & Coordination
  • WP2. Demand Analysis & Forecasting for Border control Units and Policy makers
  • WP3. Risk Analysis & Vulnerability Assessment
    Models and Methodology
  • WP4. Legal and Ethical Compliance, and Societal Acceptance
  • WP5. Data Analysis Methods
  • WP6. Methods for Explainable Data Validation and Risk Linkage
  • WP7. Visual Analytics Dashboard and System Integration
  • WP8. Pilots, Validation and Training
  • WP9. Dissemination, Communication and Exploitation
  • WP10. Ethics Requirements