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CRiTERIA Video Released – Human Security Filter!

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We are pleased to announce that we have just released a CRiTERIA video on the topic of Human Security Filter!

The Human Security Filter addresses a critical gap in the humanitarian dimension of border security. Existing risk assessment methodologies are primarily focused on securing borders, with little consideration for the well-being of migrants. The Human Security Filter reframes the risk assessment methodology bringing the human dimension of security such as the well-being of migrants into focus. It also centralizes the humanitarian dimension of border protection, including the identification and addressing of migrant-specific vulnerabilities. The Human Security Filter serves as a means of mainstreaming the human rights approach throughout the entire framework and guides border authorities in adequately assessing and addressing migrant vulnerabilities. With the creation of the Human Security Filter, border authorities will be better equipped to provide a comprehensive approach to border protection that considers the well-being of all individuals involved.