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First Experimental Lab with the Malta Police Force

Last week, the Malta Police Force, Risk Analysis Unit within the Immigration Department together with the University of Malta have organised the first Experimental Laboratories event workshop at the Malta Police Force General Headquarter, which aims to bridge the gap between researchers, academics, and law enforcement. 

The aim of the workshop was to work together to improve the risk analysis methodologies and the underpinning technologies that are being developed as a part of the CRiTERIA project. The Malta Police is a beneficiary to the project and a pilot of the CRiTERIA system.

Malta Police Force - Immigration Unit

Malta Police Force - Immigration Unit

The Malta Police Force is one of the oldest police forces in Europe. The Malta Police has a mixed responsibility in respect of its investigative role and national security. The Immigration Units’ principal task is to control the island’s points of entry, which include checks aimed at suppressing illegal immigration, preventing illegal entry of foreigners and detection of false documents. In the CRiTERIA project, the Malta Police Force team contributes to the required collection activities, to the validation of risk analysis and vulnerability assessment methodologies, and the piloting of the CRiTERIA tools.