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CRiTERIA H2020 Project Website Officially Launched

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We are pleased to announce that the CRiTERIA project has launched its dedicated website.

The website, accessible at, will be the key information point for anything concerning the progress of the CRiTERIA project throughout its duration, as well as after project completion. The visitors will be able to gain access to the project’s public deliverables, presentations and publications; be informed about latest news and past and future events of the project and consortium. In addition, the visitor will be able to find out more about the CRiTERIA platform and its individual technologies

CRiTERIA, which stands for Comprehensive Data-driven Risk and Threat Assessment Methods for the Early and Reliable Identification, Validation and Analysis of migration-related Risks, is an EU project, funded under the Horizon 2020 programme grant agreement № 101021866.

The current situation at the EU borders indicates that contemporary security challenges, such as COVID-19, as well as an increase in illegal border-crossing (many aided by human traffickers), are highly complex and inter-related, requiring more cross-sectoral, transdisciplinary and cross-country cooperation in all risk management phases both at the EU and Member States levels.

The goal of the CRiTERIA project is a novel, comprehensive but feasible and human-rights sensitive risk and vulnerability analysis framework for border control authorities, civil-society organizations, EU institutions and citizens , which backs a novel multi-perspective risk and vulnerability analysis methodology with multi-source, multi-lingual analysis technologies and tools for serving the complex indicators of the methodology and for making them accessible in a verifiable and understandable way.

The CRiTERIA project website was developed by HENSOLDT Analytics, Work Package 9 leader. WP9 concerns the Dissemination, Communication and Exploitation activities within the CRiTERIA project.